Housing and Tenancy support for vulnerable people

The Stone Foundation (TSF) is all about helping people find somewhere to live and to be able to keep it.  Many people for all sorts of reasons, struggle to find a decent home of their own and many more struggle to stay in it. Recent homeless statistics suggest that many more people are without housing because of cuts to welfare benefits, loss of income and breakdown of relationships combined with higher rents and fewer suitable properties on the market.

Pre-Tenancy Training – Although TSF tends mainly to help those who have been living in supported housing or hospital for example and for whom ongoing support is still needed, we can provide others with a helping hand too through our Pre-Tenancy Training initiative.  This is a 3-day course which provides individuals with all the skills, knowledge and confidence needed to access and maintain a home of their own. Cost – Currently, the training is free of charge.

For more information on The Stone Foundation go to www.TheStoneFoundation.co.uk