About Us

Mavam Group Ltd is the Hub that supports all of the Mavam individual Companies and Services.

The Mavam Group provides a hub that hosts the core functions that enable the group as a whole to create and sustain companies and services that are designed to help others.

With Mavam Supported Housing and YLOH – Your Life Our Help, we provide help and support for a wide range of people, many of whom are struggling with what is happening, or has happened in their lives. Our aim is to be creative, flexible and helpful, adapting what we offer to the individual needs of others.

Mavam Technical Services provides IT, marketing and technical services to the group and to businesses nationally.

Mavam Estates provides and maintains, the homes and properties that enable people to have a pathway for growth and recovery.


Our Vision 

To continue to develop and expand our services to enable more people to benefit from our help and support.


Our Mission

To help people improve their lives.


Our Core Values

At Mavam we believe our timeless values provide the foundation to shape our behaviours and organisation culture. They are embedded into everything we do and create a shared identity across the organisation.

Together – We are one team, people helping people.

Creativity – We find solutions.

Learning – We continue to develop.

Integrity – Respect for people

Courage – Daring to be different

The Mavam Way of Working

We aim to help people in a way that suits their particular needs and to facilitate opportunities for them to address issues that they find difficult and overwhelming.

The Mavam way of working is to recognise that we all have times in our life when we need help and that at these times we all need people who are prepared to ask us what is happening and how they can help. People who recognise our strengths and believe in our potential to turn things around.

For all of us, life’s problems challenge our thoughts and feelings, and our staff are trained and supported to be compassionate, thoughtful, constructive and resourceful in order to help people work through and resolve the challenges that they have. To respect and value difference and to take time to hear and understand people’s unique stories.

We provide our services cost effectively because we are flexible in the way that we support people, flexible in the way that we manage our staff teams and flexible in the use of and access to, accommodation and community facilities.

At the core of the Mavam Group we have the essential teams that enable all of our work to focus on the people we provide for. The Finance Team, the Administration Team and our HR Team. They work to support all of the companies within the Mavam Group, which means that they can focus on their main objective in helping the people that are referred to them.

We focus on the needs of the individual

New Reason, New Thinking Blogs

Matthew Morris is the Director of Development for The Mavam Group. He has worked with people experiencing emotional distress and unusual experiences for over 30 years, originally training as a Mental Health Nurse. Matthew has written blogs for the Mad in America website and appeared as a guest on Peter Breggin’s popular radio show, The Peter Breggin Hour. Matthew is also a trainer and focuses his training on challenging traditional concepts of mental health and advocating for a more a compassionate approach, one that focuses on the reality of people’s lives and their experiences, something that he has incorporated into the work of YLOH – Your Life Our Help.  Click here to read Matthews blogs.