About Us

The Mavam Group. Supporting people in innovative ways since 2010

Providing bespoke support designed to meet people’s needs. Our support is provided in a safe environment for people living with mental health distress, learning disabilities and other complex issues, our goal is to help people to live as independent life as possible.


Providing a range of services in the community designed to help and support people overcome the problems and challenges that they
are experiencing. Ensuring that people are at the heart of our services, which are currently; Help in Cluttered Homes, Student Support Services, Supported Living, Art for Wellbeing and Community Outreach.


Providing opportunities that help people to learn and acquire, the knowledge and skills to help themselves and others to live well. Utilising the “Three C’s”; Compassion, Curiosity & Creativity. The LLA offers a range of opportunities for people to understand feelings and experiences and how they relate to what has happened or is happening in people’s lives.


Provides comprehensive IT, CCTV and monitoring systems, as well as marketing services for the Mavam Group. Under our trading style of Null Media we have a long track record of providing innovative hardware and software solutions for external customers, and being specialists in digital signage.


Managing all of Mavam’s property infrastructure requirements. From major refurbishments to scheduled maintenance and minor running repairs, and helping people moving in and moving out.


Emotional First Aid (EFA) is currently being developed and piloted, with a view to launching this new and exciting training next year.  EFA is designed to help people to understand and assist how they, and others, feel. An alternative to mental health first aid, EFA has created a way for people to navigate and comprehend the relationship between their bodies, their feelings and their lives. Utilising The Three C’s of; Compassion, Curiosity and Creativity. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch.

Our Vision

To continue to develop and expand our services to enable more people to benefit from our help and support.

Our Mission

To help people improve their lives.

Our Core Values

At Mavam we believe our timeless values provide the foundation to shape our behaviours and organisation culture.
They are embedded into everything we do and create a shared identity across the organisation.


We are one team, people helping people


We find solutions


We continue to develop


Respect for people


Daring to be different

New Reason, New Thinking Blogs

Matthew Morris is the Director of Development for The Mavam Group. He has worked with people experiencing emotional distress and unusual experiences for over 30 years, originally training as a Mental Health Nurse. Matthew has written blogs for the Mad in America website and appeared as a guest on Peter Breggin’s popular radio show, The Peter Breggin Hour. Matthew is also a trainer and focuses his training on challenging traditional concepts of mental health and advocating for a more a compassionate approach, one that focuses on the reality of people’s lives and their experiences, something that he has incorporated into the work of YLOH – Your Life Our Help.  Click here to read Matthews blogs.